Fun and Interesting Electric Guitar Facts

  • Electric guitars are products of the 20th century and the wide expansion of electro-magnetic inventions.
  • First electric guitars were introduced in the 1930s. They used an amplifier to manipulate the shape of guitar tones.
  • BB King changed the landscape of modern rock music with his incredible guitar playing style in 1949.
  • Electric guitars can have a hollow, semi-hollow and solid body. They don’t rely on chamber acoustic to produce tones, and the presence of hollow body can cause feedback and unintentional vibrations of the strings.
  • First electrically amplified guitar was discovered in 1931.
  • Electric guitars had one of the most profound impacts on the music history of modern world. It enabled the creation of many new genres and changed the look and sound of many old genres. Today, electric guitar or electric bass guitar is an integral part of almost every popular band on the planet.
  • Electric guitars are today used as a primary instrument in countless music genres, including rock, pop, blues, jazz, metal, punk, reggae, R & B, and many others.
Blue-White Electric Guitar
  • First fully electrical guitar was created in 1940.
  • Gibson made his first electric guitar (ES-150) in 1936. Stratocaster made his first electric guitar in 1954.
  • Electric guitars types are – Solid body, chambered bodies, Semi-acoustic, Full hollow-body, and Electric Acoustic
  • There are also many string bridge and neck variants, including one string, Four string, Seven strings, Eight string, Nine string, Ten string, Twelve string, and double neck guitar.
  • Electric bass is almost as widespread use as the normal electric guitar.
Blue-White Electric Guitar
Blue-White Electric Guitar
Picture of Electric Guitar
Standard Super Strat-Shaped Guitar
Brown Electric Guitar