Guitar Facts, Types and Other Information

With thousands of years in our presence, Guitars managed to one of the largest influences in the development of countless music genres, fashion, religion and our modern way of life. Here you can learn much more about guitar facts.

Red Guitar

Interesting Facts about Guitars

Here you can find out the most incredible facts about guitars, starting from its history, types, fun facts, and countless ways this popular instrument managed to interact with our modern societies.

Small Colored Guitars

Types of Guitars

With more than 3000 years of history, it’s no wonder that current landscape of guitars hosts wide variety of guitar types that are used in countless music genres. Here you can learn more about them.

Picture of Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Facts

Acoustic guitars were surpassed in popularity only recently with the birth of electric guitars. However, acoustic guitars have left the biggest mark on our culture and history. Read more about them and the exciting moments of their history, interaction with modern culture and more.

Blue-White Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar Facts

Ever since electric guitars appeared during the 1st half of 20th century, they immediately changed the landscape of modern music, changing old genres and creating others. Here you can find out the most interesting facts about electric guitars.

Blue Electric Guitar
Satin Black Acoustic Electric Guitar
Red-White Electric Guitar