Interesting Facts about Guitars

  • The world guitar was adopted in England after they heard about Spanish instrument named “guitarra”.
  • There are two basic types of guitars – Acoustic and electric, all with many sub categories.
  • The look of modern guitar was established by Spanish guitarist Antonio Torres Jurado.
  • One of the oldest guitar instruments was chitara, which was used in Ancient Rome.
  • Guitars were always constructed with hollow bodies, until electric guitars came and made that design choice obsolete.
  • The oldest guitars came from Persia (modern day Iran), where they were called Tanbur. That was around 3500 years ago.
  • The oldest graphical representation of stringed guitars comes from 3300 Hittite ruins.
  • One of the most popular stringed guitars in medieval Europe was Lute.
  • Gibson made his first electric guitar in 1936.
  • In 1400 AD, Europe become home of one of the most influential guitar types ever made – Vihuela.
  • Guitars were not the most popular instruments in the world until early 1900s. Before that, pianos, violins and flute were much more widespread.
  • During middle ages, guitars were used almost exclusively as rhythm instruments.
Red Guitar
  • There are many types of guitars – Classical, Electric, mixed, 12 strings, arch top, Steel, flamenco, resonator, double-necked and many more.
  • According to many sources, one of the most influential guitar players of all time was Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970).
  • Names of ancient guitars – Gitarre, Chitara, Kithara, Sithar, Gutarra, quitare, qitara.
  • Some of the most popular guitar manufacturers are Gibson, Dean, PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, Martin and Gretsch.
  • Electric guitars have electromagnetic pickups that convert string vibrations into electrical signals. These signals can be then amplified, modified via vacuum tubes, and reproduce on electric speakers.
  • Basic components of guitar – Headstock, neck, nut, fretboard or fingerboard, frets, truss rod, strings and inlays.
  • Guitar accessories are – Capotasto, Slides and Plectum (guitar picks).
  • Most expensive guitar ever sold was Eric Clapton's "Blackie" Stratocaster ($959,500 in 2004).
Red Guitar
Red Guitar
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